The Audo – a hybrid hotel

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There's something beautifully serene and slightly aloof about the Latin language – distanced from everyday life, perhaps. That description fits beautifully in the case of The Audo, Danish brand Menu' s new 'headquarters slash hotel slash showroom slash concept store slash café.

The name is an abbreviation of Ab Uni Disce Omnes, which means «from one, learn all» in, yes, Latin. It is a poetic, if somewhat obscure reference to the multi-functional space that Menu has created with the brand's long-term collaborator Norm Architects.

The boutique hotel allows the guests to get acquainted with Menu's considerable collection of furniture, lighting and accessories in a more authentic way than at a traditional shop or showroom.

The concept was launched during the 2019-edition of 3daysofdesign, the Danish capital's annual design event, and has received its fair amount of interest for the very minimalist and elegant-in-a-Nordic-pared-down-kind-of-way aesthetics.

Even visitors who are not spending the night in one of the ten suites can enjoy the interiors on the ground floor which are furnished with Menu's own products alongside a curated selection of products from premium global brands.

The entrance level of the Neo-Baroque building from 1918 has been opened up into one large area. Through design, the different facilities on site is united into a seamless and inspiring space where you can dine, shop, work or socialize.